Now Surf and Mine Bitcoin with Cryptotab Web Browser

Does mining bitcoin with a web browser seem a bit unrealistic? Well, this is what Cryptotab wants to change. Mining is not an easy task both technically as well as financially. First, you got to buy high-end hardware and then be technically sound to start mining. Also, one needs to keep a check on profitability since mining hardware uses up quite a considerable amount of electricity.

Cryptocurrency Mining Rig

Cryptotab is the world’s first browser with a built-in mining algorithm. All you got to do is install the Cryptotab browser and turn on mining. You can continue surfing the web, watching movies, or listening to music. This is built for folks who want to mine bitcoin but neither know how nor can afford the expensive mining hardware. You will be mining through a browser, so don’t expect to get rich by mining using a browser. Your daily earnings will be a few satoshis only. Don’t be sad! Cryptotab has an affiliate program that offers you to create your mining network to earn more.

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What is the Crypto Tab Affiliate Program?

Mining on cryptotab is slow and with mining on a browser, we cannot expect huge returns. To increase your earnings cryptotab offers a cryptotab affiliate program. Through your unique referral link, you can invite people to join the cryptotab network and get a share of earnings from their mining profits and their referral’s mining profits. Cryptotab allows you to create your mining network and earn income from your referral, their referral, and so on up to a certain level.

Cryptotab Referral Network

Starting With Cryptotab is Very Easy

Just open and download the Cryptotab browser and register yourself with the affiliate network. Start sharing your affiliate link and create your mining network with Cryptotab.

Creating Mining Network on Cryptotab

Is Cryptotab Legit?

Well, they pay less, most of the mining earnings go to Cryptotab themselves, their transactions might take time to process but they are legit and do payout. Here is a screenshot of transactions that Cryptotab has processed.

Miner Payout by Cryptotab

So download Cryptotab today and start your mini crypto mining farm!

Check out the Cryptotab browser by clicking HERE

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