Earn Cryptocurrency for Free Using These Methods

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The year 2021 kicked off with the cryptocurrency storm. With Bitcoin prices soaring as high as 65,000$, everyone wants a piece of it. And when you can earn cryptocurrency for free, what’s better than that? Who doesn’t like free stuff? Here is a list of methods/applications/ways to earn cryptocurrency for free while sitting at home or browsing the web. However, please note that the amount of cryptocurrency earned through these methods is relatively small. So do not start daydreaming about getting rich through these methods.

Brave Browser

Brave Rewards

With Brave browser, you can browse and earn BAT tokens. Brave awards you for your attention with the Basic Attention Tokens. Simply browse or click on the ads to earn the tokens. Brave allows you to connect Uphold wallet to the browser for monthly transfer of BAT tokens from the browser to the wallet. At the time of writing the article, on average you could earn 5$ worth of BAT tokens monthly with Brave.

Cryptotab Browser

Cryptotab Steps for Mining Bitcoin

Cryptotab claims to be the world’s first browser with an inbuilt mining algorithm. Unlike the Brave browser where you earn BAT tokens, Cryptotab allows you to mine Bitcoin. It also allows you to create your mining network and earn a part of the Bitcoin mined by the browsers in your network.

Pi Network

Pi Mining

Pi is the new-age cryptocurrency that you can mine on your phone. Pi is currently in the development stage but it allows its users to mine Pi through their mobile app. You can simply download the app “Pi” from the Play store or Ios store and start mining. Currently, you cannot use Pi coins since they have not been officially launched yet. Also, you need an invitation code to join the Pi Network. You can use the code “Punkbuster77” to start mining.


Binance Staking

Either you need to buy cryptocurrency or already have some for this method to work. Staking is the process of holding funds in a wallet to support the operations of a blockchain network. You can stake many coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polkadot, etc. Binance, the world’s leading crypto exchange allows you to stake numerous cryptocurrencies with a high Annual Percentage Yield. In simple words, staking means to lock away your cryptocurrency for a while to earn interest.

Here are 4 easy and effective ways to earn cryptocurrency, unlike other apps and scams in which there is always a cath. These 4 methods are trial and tested ones and I have personally earned from them.

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Cryptocase is a digital knowledge center for cryptocurrency. Stay tuned for latest news, market research, new projects and much more!

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