Bitcoin Price Prediction 2021–2022 using Simple Moving Averages

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Is it the Top?

In the past, we have seen massive corrections in bitcoin which can reach up to a 30 to 40 % fall in prices.

Bitcoin Weekly Chart on Tradingview

Price Prediction using Simple Moving Averages

For predicting the bitcoin cycle top we will be using simple moving averages.

Prediction using SMA of Bitcoin Cycle Peak Price
Prediction using SMA of Bitcoin Multiplier

The Conclusion

We have used a very basic simple moving averages method to predict the bitcoin cycle top. Analysts use advanced models considering many other factors as well. Also, at this moment we do not have enough data to strengthen our model as bitcoin has only completed 3 cycles till now. But if we consider this model, we could see bitcoin prices anywhere between 150K to 180K this bull cycle next year.



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